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Cold Water Bottles

Freshhh Mineral Water

Quench your thirst with Ohhh So Freshhh Mineral Water, available in both still and sparkling options. Our premium mineral water is sourced from natural springs, ensuring purity and a refreshing taste.

Choose the still variant for a smooth and hydrating experience that replenishes your body with essential minerals. If you prefer a bit of effervescence, opt for our sparkling mineral water, which adds a lively touch to your sips.

Ohhh So Freshhh Mineral Water is carefully bottled to preserve its natural qualities, providing you with a crisp and revitalizing drink. Stay hydrated and invigorated with the goodness of our mineral water, perfect for enjoying on its own or as a complement to any meal.

Experience the pure refreshment of Ohhh So Freshhh Mineral Water in both still and sparkling varieties. Embrace hydration with a touch of sophistication.


In the box:

500ml of Still or Sparkling Water



500 ml per bottle

Sold as a box of 6 
Choose between still or sparkling water 

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