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Make-A-Change Products

Introducing Ohhh So Freshhh's transformative Make-A-Change Products, designed to empower communities and schools with both sustenance and knowledge. At the heart of this initiative is our innovative Make-A-Change Box—a comprehensive solution addressing food security challenges in underprivileged areas.

The Make-A-Change Box is a beacon of hope, guaranteeing over 40 days of nutritional security through an array of non-perishable, wholesome items. Crafted by dedicated nutritionists, each box comprises essentials like Nutri-Meal, Nutri-Shake, and Green-Mix, ensuring a balanced and nourishing diet for individuals and families in need.

Nutri-Meal, a cornerstone of the box, offers complete and balanced nutrition, while Nutri-Shake provides a quick and energizing boost. Green-Mix, a blend of nutrient-dense greens, supplements essential vitamins for holistic well-being.

What sets the Make-A-Change Box apart is its inclusivity—further fortified by the Agro-Freshhh Seed Kit. This empowering addition equips communities with the tools to grow their own food sustainably, fostering self-reliance and agricultural skills.

Committed to simplicity, accessibility, and impact, our Make-A-Change Products are conveniently easy to prepare. Just add a liquid like water or milk, ensuring that nutrition is both accessible and straightforward.

As we navigate the dire state of hunger in underserved communities, Ohhh So Freshhh stands steadfast in our commitment to change lives. The Make-A-Change Products embody our vision of nourishing, thriving, and inspiring—a collective effort toward a future free from hunger and malnutrition. Join us in planting the seeds of positive change and supporting the Make-A-Change initiative today! MOQ 1000 

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