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Canned Food in Boxes

Freshhh Month Meal Pack

Underprivileged communities, particularly women and children, face significant challenges such as poverty, unemployment, hunger, and malnutrition. These pressing issues call for a scientific approach that eliminates guesswork and provides effective solutions. At Ohhh So Freshhh, we recognize that food plays a crucial role in addressing these challenges.

Introducing our Month Meal Pack in a box, a scientifically formulated solution designed by health professionals to meet the nutritional needs of communities. This comprehensive pack provides essential nutrients and serves as a vital source of support for 30 days. With the expertise of our credible team of professionals and dietitians, we ensure that the Month Meal Pack meets the highest standards of quality and nutrition.

To prevent taste fatigue, the Month Meal Pack is available in a variety of packs, offering rotational options that keep meals diverse and enjoyable. We believe that providing nutritious meals is a critical step towards combating hunger and malnutrition.

Together, let's embark on a journey towards a healthier future for underprivileged communities. With the Month Meal Pack in a box, we aim to alleviate the challenges faced by women and children by providing them with the necessary nutrition and support they need to thrive. Join us in making a difference today. Together, we can contribute to a world where hunger and malnutrition are no longer barriers to a brighter future. MOQ 1000 boxes

What's in the box?

  1. 1.5 Kg Porridge: Flavors: Strawberry, Banana, Vanilla

  2. 2.25Kg Samp & Beans

  3. 1Kg Soup: Flavors, Chicken, Vegetable, Beef, Tomato

  4. 2.25Kg Combo Meal Flavors: Chicken, Curry, Beef

  5. Condiments of spices to add more flavour to the meals

  6. 1Kg Sustained Energy Nutrient Dense Shake

  7. Nutritional facts about each product and instructions on how to prepare the meals

  8. Measuring scoop

To order this product please contact us by filling in the request quote form or email us at

MOQ 1000 and T&C apply

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