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Embark on a delicious and nutritious journey with Ohhh So Freshhh Nutri-Shake, expertly crafted for underprivileged communities and schools. Available in various plant-based flavors, from rich chocolate bliss to refreshing tropical bursts, it's a taste of well-being designed to cater to diverse palates. This thoughtfully formulated shake not only nourishes but also addresses the unique nutritional needs of those in underserved areas. Nutri-Shake embraces the goodness of plant-based nutrition in every sip, making it a delightful and accessible choice for fostering health and vitality in communities that need it most.


Product Inclusions:

It can be mixed with water or milk.

20 servings per container


Forecasted benefits of the initiative:



Addressing hunger emergencies

Long shelf life

Aid in community development




1.5kg pack size

Resealable bag

It does not require refrigeration

Easy to store

Measuring scoop included

Reusable Ohhh So Freshhh drinking bottle included



Recyclable pouch to carry Nutri-Shake powder


The greater the quantity, the more favorable the pricing becomes, incorporating a corresponding discount.

MOQ 500

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