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Exciting News: Freshhh Kids Colouring Book is Now Live on Amazon and Makro Online!

We're thrilled to announce that our much-anticipated Freshhh Kids Colouring Book is now officially live and available for purchase on Amazon in 13 countries, as well as on Makro Online! This is a momentous occasion for us, and we can't wait for children and families around the world to experience the joy and education our unique colouring book has to offer.

Available on Amazon in 13 Countries:

📖 About the Freshhh Kids Colouring Book: Our Freshhh Kids Colouring Book is a delightful 150-page book designed to captivate young minds with its vibrant illustrations of various fruits and vegetables. But that's not all – each page goes beyond coloring, as it educates children about the nutritional value of different produce, explores the fascinating world of agriculture, and promotes an engaging learning experience.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Perfect for Family Time and Schools: We believe in fostering a love for learning in children, and the Freshhh Kids Colouring Book is crafted to do just that. It's not only a fantastic family activity but also an excellent resource for schools to integrate into their curriculum. We aim to spark curiosity and encourage kids to enjoy the educational journey alongside their parents and peers.

📚 Coming Soon to Amazon South Africa, Already Available on Makro Online: For our friends in South Africa, worry not! The Freshhh Kids Colouring Book will soon be available on Amazon South Africa. In the meantime, you can already find it on Makro Online, ready to be shipped to your doorstep for an enriching experience.

Click on link for Makro:

🌱 Bonus: Seed Kits for Hands-On Learning: To enhance the learning adventure, each Freshhh Kids Colouring Book comes with a set of colouring pencils and an exciting bonus – seed kits! These kits include easy-to-follow instructions and pictures, allowing kids and their families to plant and nurture seeds, connecting the educational journey from the book to real-life, hands-on experiences.

🛒 Get Yours Now: Ready to embark on this educational and colorful journey with your kids? Visit the links below to grab your Freshhh Kids Colouring Book on Amazon or Makro Online today:

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