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Make-A-Change Box

Make-A-Change Box

SKU: 3337788051

The Make-A-Change Box comprises a variety of non-perishable, nutritious products, guaranteeing food security for over 40 days. This comprehensive package includes specially formulated items like Nutri-Meal, Nutri-Shake, Green-Mix, Agro-Freshhh Seed Kit, and more - crafted by nutritionists to meet the distinct needs of underprivileged communities and schools. Conveniently easy to prepare, simply add a liquid such as water or milk, ensuring accessibility and simplicity in supporting wholesome nutrition.

Feeding Hope and Sustaining Communities. "Nourish, Thrive, Inspire."


Whats in the box?

x2 Nutri-Meal

x2 Nutri-Shake

x2 Green-Mix

Agro-Freshhh Seeds Kit



Provides a meal a day for 40 days

Resealable Bags

No Refrigeration Needed

Easy to Store

MeasuringSpoon Included

Nutritional and Preparation Information Included


The greater the quantity, the more favorable the pricing becomes, incorporating a corresponding discount.

MOQ 1000

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